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Will My Information Stay Secure By Using a VPN?

One of the key elements of a VPN that makes it so popular is security. On a VPN connection, all data you send and receive is encrypted. That way, if someone wants to try to capture the data you send, the encryption will keep you safe (at least more secure than if it was sent without encryption). Try to consider some of these scenarios; You're shopping online and about to buy something - your credit card information is passed on to the merchant. You're at a cafe and trying to access your email account - your password will need to be sent to your email server for verification. These are just two simple cases where a VPN can keep you and your data safe.

Am I Totally Undetectable Using a VPN?

A VPN IP address and encrypted traffic alone are not enough to keep you from being tracked. Granted, you will be harder and harder to keep track of, but for someone with the right engineering skills, there is always a way to do it. Your IP address is not the only thing that can identify you on the Internet. In fact, there have also been instances where VPNs have been used to leak true IP addresses.